Sebastiaan's Experience

Sebastiaan’s background is food. He grew up in his parents kitchen, helping cook and keeping them entertained with stories, tales, and jokes. As he grew older he was able to help cook more and more, yet he never lost the ability to tell a great anecdote and make everybody laugh.

Fifteen years of professional chef experience in some of New York City’s most celebrated and revered restaurants later, Sebastiaan still makes his home kitchen feel like his parents kitchen; full of warmth, laughter, love, and of course, food. This is where his love for food started, in a kitchen, at the heart of his home, with family and friends around, all telling jokes and stories, and this is how he makes his kitchen feel when you come experience a Farmer’s Hands Cooking Class. 

Maybe you want to learn how to impress your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner. Maybe you and your partner want to learn how to cook together. I can tell you from experience that cooking a beautiful meal with the one you love is extremely romantic. Maybe you just got back from a trip to Italy where you had the best risotto of your life and would like nothing more to be able to reproduce that at home. Maybe you love going to the farmers market but get so overwhelmed by all the amazing products for sale that you end up “just looking.” Maybe you want to be more conscientious of where your meat comes from but have not idea how to deal with a whole chicken. Whatever it may be, we have a class for you! We will also create custom classes for you, depending on what you would like to learn, just contact us! 

Sebastiaan  has been teaching cooking classes and workshops for many years now. He has taught classes at Whole Foods, at his restaurant Bar Blanc in New York City, as well as at the acclaimed De Gustibus at Macy's Cooking School in New York, and now at his homestead in the mountains of western North Carolina. His approach to teaching is very relaxed and hands on, as he feels that the best way to learn anything, especially cooking, has to do it yourself. He emphasizes the idea of learning skills and techniques versus recipes. There is a lot more freedom and enjoyment in understanding what you are doing through a strong base of skill and technique, versus just being able to follow a recipe. In all his classes it is you who will do the cooking along side Sebastiaan, and you will leave full of confidence and a quiver full of new knowledge.