Reviews of our workshops

"Sebastiaan and Ariel are as classy as they come. This was displayed in Ariel's artistic touches around the house and the world class chef skills that Sebastiaan displayed in the kitchen. The Farmer’s Hands cooking class gave my wife and I a peek into the lives of these two very talented individuals. This class was a gift that we gave each other for our one year anniversary and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. 

Upon signing up for the class, we worked with Sebastiaan to determine that we wanted more experience cooking fish while using fresh and local ingredients as much as possible. When we arrived, one of the first things we noticed were the amazing smells in the house. Herbs and flowers from their garden, some dried and some fresh, are hung throughout the house creating these intoxicating aromas. Since smells have such a huge impact on memories, the smell of herbs will probably always remind us of this experience!

Once we got started, Sebastiaan guided us through his plan for the meals and encouraged us to ask questions. In addition to the recipes we learned he taught us basic knife skills, how to fillet a whole fish as well as some tricks to sauteing like when to add seasoning and spices. Additionally, we were pleased to be able to use vegetables that came right from the The Farmer's Hands garden. Although the atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed it was still very evident that we were learning from a sophisticated and passionate teacher. Even with little previous cooking experience, this class inspired us to spend more time in our own kitchen - and to enjoy it!

By the end of the class we had recipes for four phenomenal fish dishes that were simple to prepare and completely new to us. We got to enjoy each dish while the master chef enjoyed the food right along side us. The conversation throughout the class was as enjoyable as the lesson; the pair's knowledge is clearly not limited to the kitchen. Sign up for a class and make new friends with a most inspiring couple. We hope to come back again!"

Ali and Eli Johnson, June 2015

"My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of attending two of The Farmer's Hands dinners this summer and we were delighted with the ambience, the food and the creativity of Sebastiaan's cooking. When I found out that Sebastiaan was going to offer cooking classes to a very small number of participants this winter, I jumped at the opportunity. I've been cooking and taking cooking classes for many years ,and I was curious about Sebastiaan's approach to cooking after enjoying so much his summer feasts. He can pack so much into a three hour session that I could hardly keep up taking notes.  I discovered new techniques for food preparation as well as some very interesting and delicious recipes, all done in Sebastiaan and Ariel's charming 1800's farmhouse kitchen which gave acertain "flavor" to the proceedings in a very relaxing way. 

This man really knows what he is doing and he is very generous in imparting his knowledge to others. I highly recommend that you check this out and sign yourself up."

Peter Kennedy Asheville, N.C. December 2015