Winter Supper Club Reviews

The other night Pat and I met Sebastiaan and Ariel at The Farmer’s Hands Supper Club… a six seat venue in Mars Hill on a 2 acre mini farm. At the table we met two other couples, got lost in conversation, and enjoyed 5 wonderful courses…each featuring something from the gardens, greenhouse or the winter larder. I’d forgotten, in the smorgasbord of really dine dining we have here in Asheville, how much I appreciate a more intimate setting where relationship is part and parcel of the offering (and you don’t have to strain to even hear the person next to you). Good food might satisfy the stomach, but it takes connecting to satisfy the heart. These guys served up both. The specifics of the dishes may fade from my memory over time, but the essence of the experience won’t. This is the way dining orta be….we’ll be back. 

- Kerry Lindsey

"The Winter Supper Club with Farmers Hands was an dining event we will always remember as unforgettable! :-) The atmosphere was so cozy and inviting; Ariel and Sebastiaan made us feel like the most special guests.  And the glorious menu is still displayed on our refrigerator to celebrate the very creative and delicious experience it was.  We will be back!"

- Carrie Burgin

"Our first experience with the Winter Supper Club was sublime! The atmosphere was warm and cozy, with delicious smells coming from the kitchen and lots of smiling faces around the dinner table.  Each course was incredibly satisfying to our bellies and artistically crafted to delight our eyes. By far we would choose this experience over any local restaurant, and cannot wait for the next we will attend!"

 - Grey & Rachel Nelson