Farm to Table Supper Club - June 9, 2018

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Farm to Table Supper Club - June 9, 2018


Enjoy yourself at an amazing Farm to Table experience featuring Chef-Farmer, Sebastiaan Zijp! The event is served family style at long farm house tables outdoors at The Farmer's Hands Homestead, a 150 year old farm house and farmstead. All most all the food served is sourced right from the 2 acre homestead! Together with his wife Ariel, Sebastiaan creates a unique and delicious event that helps you come back to the land and treat yourself to a farm to table community experience. 


Members Only Supper Club

By purchasing a membership of the Farm Dinner Supper Club you are acknowledging that you are becoming a member of our Private Supper Club, and paying your membership dues to help us continue to grow fresh food and create special events. Similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) you are not paying for the meal, but you are paying for a share in the farm,  helping us purchase seeds, animal feed, farm equipment, and enabling us to pay for costs that encompass a farmstead. The meal is a thank you from us for supporting our dream. The costs lined out are your membership dues for our Private Supper Club and not payment for food in any way. The food is free! We welcome you and thank you for your support.

Supper Club Details and Policies

  • Dinner is a family style meal grown on the homestead and from local farms, served outside on long farm tables. Dishes are served to each table and members pass the plates around and share the bounty.

  • Dinner is hosted on farm, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear to explore and be comfortable.

  • Be aware that we do not change the menu based on food allergies, dietary restrictions, or choices.

  • Tipping is not required but appreciated.

  • The event is BYOB.

  • No Dogs

  • No Children under 13

  • Our farm stand will be open during events where you can purchase value added products from the farm.

  • Reimbursement Policy -

    • if event is canceled by the host you get a credit for another dinner as reimbursement.

    • If you purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, you will not be reimbursed for the ticket but can have someone else attend in your place for that dinner.

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