Outdoor Dining Table and Benches

We have the remnants of an old road running through our property. It used to connect the main road to Bailey Mountain, which I can see from my office window. Sometime in the fifties, I believe, the road was decommissioned, but we can still see clear evidence of the road as it runs past the house. It’s lined on one side by maple trees, and on the other by large burning bushes, and is therefore a nicely secluded little lane that we immediately felt would be an incredible place for an outdoor dining area. We envisioned lights strung between the trees, a couple really large tables that could seat 20 people or more, with walls of green on both sides and a canopy of leaves. 


This summer was hectic with the garden and I couldn’t find the time to make the tables, but I did get my design finalized so that when I did find the time to start constructing them, I would be ready to go, and when fall rolled around, it was building time. 


I wanted the table and benches to be really simple, reminiscent of old farm tables; nice and sturdy and made of wood that could withstand the elements. Ideally I would have built the whole thing out of cedar, but that was an extremely expensive option, so I opted for number two treated pine for the frame and legs, and some nice and thick pine for the top that I finished with two colors of deck stain to give it the look of old wood as well as making it waterproof. 


The design is rustic yet elegant, and it took me no more than three days to complete the two tables and four benches. No complicated joinery, just a kreg jig and lots of 2-1/2” screws. I sanded all the edges of the wood to make it look older, and the number two pine I used is pretty rough, so that added to the rustic aesthetic. The staining took a bit longer as there was quite a bit of waiting time in between the coats of stain. They look great and we have had many wonderful meals out there and hope to have many many more! 

If anybody is interested in owning one of these, let me know and I will build you a set. Contact me at for details.