Fall is here! The leaves around these mountains are slowly fading towards rich, warm colors and that feeling that you only get in fall is starting to get stronger. That feeling of wanting to be home, with family, friends and a cup of tea while watching the leaves fall and the whole world seemingly fall asleep. Its a feeling of slowing down and contentment that I look forward to every year. BUT! That doesn't mean there isn't still a ton to do round the farm….

Last night we had our first frost scare; we covered all of our garden with row cover and made it through the night safely. The main crop we we're concerned about were the sweet potatoes, as they cannot take even a little bit of frost, so we harvested our sweet potatoes and ended up with close to a hundred pounds! Not bad at all, now for a few weeks of curing to convert the starches to sugars, and we will be neck deep in sweet potato pie, casserole, soup, and whatever other tasty treats we will come up with.

We also continued to clean up the garden beds from the last of the summer crops; drying the holy basil, fennel, transplanting the lemongrass, and harvesting peppers and husk tomatoes. Stay tuned for a great recipe for husk tomato jam!!

There is a chill in the air, but by the afternoon it has warmed up and is quite pleasant outside while working in the sun. We are welcoming the fall, now that we are fully stocked with fire wood, have our chimneys swept and have a chest freezer full of wild and local meats, and fruit and vegetables.