A very busy spring!

So we have had a busy busy spring! 

First of all, we got married on May 21st! The past year has been a haze of wedding planning, the business buzzing along and excitement! We had a small ceremony in a friends garden in Weaverville and then a big party at my parents 120 year old boarding house, filled with friends, family, fantastic food and perfect music! Needless to say, it was a dream.

It was truly a fairy tale, but most of all, we got to share our love and celebrate our love and our lives together with all of those we hold dear. We had friends and family travel from Maine, California, Washington DC, New York City, The Netherlands, Australia, Oregon, Florida and more! We felt totally blessed and completely awe-struck at how much love and light we felt on that day!

After several beautiful Farm Dinners, a buzzing, blooming and fruiting garden---we are happy to be back to the "normal" (whatever normal is...) swing of things. Thankful for the rain, and for the beautiful weather we have been having and the BLT's the are soon to come!

Just wanted to give a quick update-- we are happy, healthy, busy, sun burnt, freckled, and grinning from ear to ear!