Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

   It’s hard to admit that sometimes you just have no idea what you are doing… You think you do, but at the end of the day, you are just making a long series of educated guesses, shots in the dark, and leaps of blind faith, and this can be quite exhausting. The last few months have been rough, to be honest. When we embarked on this adventure and started this business, we decided that we wanted to try a lot of different things and whittle them down to what really works, what sort of works, and what is just a terrible idea. I stand behind this decision, and think it was the right one to make, as we have learnt a lot this way and are on a better path now, but it wasn’t easy. 


    I’m not going to bore you with all the details, so I’m just going to say that we have made some decisions that will make life here on the homestead a lot easier. For one, we have decided to not attend the local farmers market anymore. We were busting our butts on Friday and Saturday to get ready for the market, and the end up selling very little. There are four other produce vendors at our tiny market, and there is simply not enough traffic to make it worth our while. We have instead decided to focus that time and energy on our farm-stand, workshops, cooking classes, and our Farmer’s Hands to Table Supper Club. 


    We have also decide to cut back on production of vegetables, mainly because we are not selling at market anymore, but also, and just as importantly, I wasn’t able to keep up with everything by myself. Ariel works a full time job, and so the brunt of the work here falls on my shoulders, and it was simply too much. So we are no longer growing in the field that we leased form our neighbors, but are instead focussing on our 2 acre plot, which is more than enough to keep me busy form sun up to sun down. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and can get down and discouraged when things aren’t going as I feel they should, especially when I am trying so hard. I am also not very good at getting myself out of a funk when I get really deep into one, I seem to get myself into a viscous cycle, so all these decisions to simplify and focus have greatly improved my outlook, have given me new energy, and have improved my overall excitement for this amazing adventure we are on! 


    As I am sure you have noticed, the fact that we have taken on too much has kept me away form this blog, and that’s a shame, because I love telling the stories of what we are doing and what we are learning, and I was simply too overwhelmed to also write. Now that we have focused our energies, I have more time to write, tell stories, and get back to making videos! So stay tuned for lots of stories of our adventures in homesteading form the past few months!