Vulnerable and Lucky

To be honest, we are busting our butts right now. We are working all day and working all evening to prepare for the upcoming season, and it’s pretty exhausting. 

When I think about how we are starting a business out of thin air, many words come to mind. Vulnerability.  It is takes a lot to explore your dreams, focus on an area and then slowly work in that direction until you feel like it’s time to just dive in head first. Waking up every morning and putting yourself out there by pursuing your dreams and sharing them with the rest of the world is daring. Not many people do it on their own. Some people spend their whole lives and never do it. Some wait till later on after an entire other career to pursue it. The truth of the matter is, that is daring, it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, it’s amazing, it’s exhilarating, it’s rewarding and it’s terrifying all at once. Gulp! It’s the vulnerability that makes the open and revealing act of following your own way so honest and truthful. In our opinion, one of the most honest ways to make a living is my creating something with your hands that comes from your heart. Creating something out of nothing, and whether it’s a piece of art, a piece of food or a magical bouquet of wildflowers and sweet peas, the creation came from the hands but has heart to it. Some days I feel like I'm bursting with this creative energy, and sometimes I want bake a pie, have a cup of coffee and curl up in a chair with my journal. I believe that once you've found a calling.

I don't know if everyone has but just one calling. Sebastiaan had a career in the culinary world for 14 years. He created phenomenal meals in top NYC restaurants for years and now he is just as enthused about raising chickens, flowers and hosting farm dinners on our land. People change, their callings evolve and I think as long as you are in tuned with yourself enough to recognize a need for a change then you will be able to find your next path. 

When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher, I practiced at the chalkboard in my bedroom teaching my stuffed animals and dolls. When I got older I wanted to be a writer; I wrote short stories in journals and entered in writing competitions and loved to sit for hours with my journal creating dream worlds of grandmothers and granddaughters living in old farm houses and having adventures together. When I was in middle school and high school I wanted to be an artist, more specifically a fashion designer. I went to SCAD for summer design programs and spent years in my bedroom sewing clothes and selling them on eBay, etsy, and the music festivals that I went to with my parents throughout the year. In the middle of my high school career, I fell in love with flowers. My dad gave me a field to grow flowers and I scattered several wildflower and pollinator seed mixes and cultivated them throughout the summer. I was in heaven, and I decided I would be a farmer. I went to Warren Wilson College and studied Agriculture and Forestry. I graduated and then went to work with a local florist to learn about flower arranging and event design. Currently I work for the Natural Resource Conservation Service, but with The Farmer's Hands I get to combine all of my dreams. I get to write on our blog about our experiences and lives, I get to be an artist and arrange flowers and design our on-farm events, I get to teach people with our videos, blog entries and workshops and I get to be a farmer and grow flowers. I am amazed at how when you find certain callings, they stay with you, you know that you love to do them for a reason and eventually you get to choose and create your own quilt-like calling that combines all of your loves just like we did.  


Sometimes, I just feel like I am the lucky one. I am lucky because I get to take the chance, develop an idea and run, run, run with it, as fast as I can until the wild winter wind catches my kite. I feel like I am the lucky one because I get to wake up beside my best friend every day and then we get to garden together, play music together and be silly and happy all day. I feel like I am the lucky one because we have amazing family and friend support, with amazing agricultural, and artistic advice with unwavering love and kindness. What I have realized it that yes, I am a lucky one. But we can all choose to be lucky, it’s all up to us.