Seeds: tiny miracles

One of the most exciting aspects of farming and growing your own food is the connection you make with the natural world. Being outside, getting dirt under your finger nails, braving the cold, and getting sunburnt are all therapeutic in their own way, and make you feel connected to the earth and the world around you. Farming lets you take the time to really appreciate how incredible our world really is, and nothing exemplifies this natural wonder like the transformation of a seed into a plant. 


We started a lot of seed this past weekend. Most of them were flower seeds that need a really long time to get strong enough to get planted outdoors, but we also planted a lot of leek seeds. I have never grown leeks before. They are my favorite alium and I am very excited about them and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite ways to prepare leeks: think melted leeks in tons and tons of butter.

While I was gently placing these tiny seeds into our prepared seeding trays, I couldn't help but marvel at the fact that those unassuming little seeds would turn into full size plants! Some of the seeds we planted, for example the Rudbuckia or Black Eyed Susans, are only a few millimeters in size, but once fully grown, the plants get huge and will be covered in beautiful yellow flowers. Or the leek seeds, no larger than an ant, will grow into tall, delicious leeks that will make the most amazing leek and potatoes soup ever. 

Over the next months we will be able to watch these seeds germinate, set their first true leaves, grow, establish, and harden, and finally produce flowers and vegetables for us and our table. This process is truly amazing to behold, and one that fils us with such joy and excitement, while also keeping us humbled to the miracle that is nature and the world of plants.