Reflections in a fire

A few weeks ago, we decided it was time. 


It was time to ignite the burn pile that had accumulated in the center of our field over the past year and a half. We moved out to the country in October 2013, and ever since then we have been working our butts off! Project after project, exciting idea after exciting idea; and the truth is, that it hasn't stopped yet! It is terribly fun to be full of ideas, enthusiasm for life and creativity. I love creating, I love being busy and feeling excited about projects. From remodeling bathrooms, pulling up carpet, tearing down walls, reopening old chimneys, tilling the yard to create a garden, building chicken coops and rabbit hutches and farm stands---the work is continuous and ever-flowing in waves of excitement and impending doom! 


So as spring starts to slowly approach, we decided after a long day of work that it was time. 


We had a fire permit, gathered buckets of water, two old rocking chairs and a couple of beers, and ignited our entertainment for the evening. We actively tended the fire, and laughed whole heartedly at the things that came up in the burn pile. What we didn't realize until we started the burn pile, were the contents of the burn pile. The contents that we had forgotten over the two and a half years that brought back such rich memories of this bright and magical time in our lives. We have been together for two and a half years, fell for each other quite quickly over writing letters to each other every day for four months until we both were able to live in the same town. After a year we looked for houses together, bought and moved into our first home. This is our first place together, our first true place of our own and our first time we've truly taken ownership of our lives and our dreams. The pile contained our first and second Christmas tree together, and wood from the floors and walls of our historic home built in the 1850's. The pile held broken old furniture, scrap wood from our raised garden beds, wood branches from a tree that came down during a tornado, and fruit wood from our first time pruning our fruit trees in the springtime. The list could go on for quite a while, but I will stop here. As we sat in our rocking chairs, looking out over the field, we felt so proud, so happy, and so nostalgic. We have accomplished so much in our first year, more than others accomplish in many years. We had started to truly create something special, something unique and something purely ours. The night drifted away as we sat, cheeks warmed by the fire and toes still nipped by the chill in the air. We reminisced, smiled, thinking of how truly lucky we are to have our love, our land and the warm glow of the past year still flickering past our eyes.