Thoughts of Spring

When I looked at the weather forecast last week I couldn't believe it! 65 degrees on Sunday! In February! Although this winter hasn’t been all that bad, only a few nights when it got really cold, and we have been able to be outside a lot, the low sunlight and lack of green does start to get too you pretty quickly, causing a person to dream of spring and the upcoming season when life starts to return to the farm. I have always suffered from seasonal depression, and it used to get really bad when I was still living in New York City. The combination of grey skies, cold temperatures and cold concrete was not conducive to happy thoughts. Not to mention the 90 hour work weeks, excessive drinking, partying, and an all around unhealthy and very stressful lifestyle. Being stuck in a steamy kitchen under fluorescent lights, dealing with one of the most intense and crazy jobs on the planet is enough to drive anybody a little loopy.


Now that I am living in the country and get to see mountains and trees and birds and beauty right outside my office window, I don’t get as down as I used to. I still do, from time to time, as that’s the way it goes, but it is limited and I can get over it much easier. I have only to step outside my front door, and I start to feel better. Especially if I have a project I am working on or a new one I am dreaming of.


Thoughts of spring around here are dominated by making plans. Seeding plans, gardening plans, building plans, watering plans. The list goes on and on and we have been getting a lot of this planning done, which feels really good. There is nothing worse than doing as much as we are doing without any sort of a plan. All of our seeds are cataloged, counted, organized but type and whether they need to be direct seeded or transplanted. The seed starting room is ready to go, and we have a plan for watering all the gardens. We have our perennial plants ordered as well as our tubers, berry plants, and rhizomes. The chicken coop is 99% done (more on that later), and I have a design ready for the rabbit shelter. Now we need to simple wait to implement all of our plans. At which point we will for sure need to tweak them, as no plan is bullet proof, and if there is one thing I have learnt, it’s that to be successful in life, one must be able to adapt and change. 


Looks like the rest of this month is going to be cold, but that’s ok, we still have a  ton of work to do to get ready of the upcoming season, and we still need some more time to dream before we are inundated with work and are wishing for a reprieve…