Brussels Sprouts on a Swedish Log!

Ariel's dad, Scott, had a large Pine tree taken down over the summer, and he saved a bunch of the wood for bonfires and such, but he also saved some large logs so that we could turn them into  a very cool cooking medium known as a "Swedish Log." It's pretty simple really, you take a log thats about 2-3 feet long and 12 inches across, cut some slits in the top with a chainsaw, start a small fire inside the cut slits, let it burn down, and then cook on top!

We attempted this over Christmas and had decent results. Like I said, the log we had was from a tree that was felled over the summer, so unfortunately it wasn't quite seasoned enough, so we had a hard time getting the fire started, hence the leaf blower. We used coals from the bonfire to get it going and to keep it going.

Cooking on it was really fun! We made some roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, and they turned out really good! Nice and smokey, with lots of caramelization and great flavor. The cooking process was just like you would do it inside on a regular stove; we browned the bacon, then added the brussels sprouts along with some salt and pepper, and cooking them on the log till they had great color and were just about cooked through. We finished them in the cob oven, as the log was really not staying hot enough.