Soap Mold


Ariel has wanted a soap mold for a while now, and considering I like making things and we are striving to live a hand made life, I figured this would be a perfect Christmas present for her! She used to make soap all the time when she was at Warren Wilson College, and it was some fine soap, let me tell you! 



A soap mold is really quite simple, it’s basically a hinged box that can easily be lined with parchment paper and opened to release the finished and hardened soap. Most people make them from plywood, as its easy to work with and cheap, but I wanted to make this one look a bit nicer. 


During our renovations of the house, we ended up with some of the old floor boards that are beautiful! They are over 100 years old and have clearly been cut using an old sawmill, as there are great saw marks on the wood. They looks especially nice after some serious sanding and then a few layers of stain and sealant.


Its all really simple to put together and you can make it as beautiful or utilitarian as you want based on your choice of wood and hardware, and the amount of time you want to invest. 

Coming soon: making soap and using the mold.