The glutenous holiday season wouldn’t be complete without eggnog. This boozy drinkable desert is creamy, sweet, and downright delicious! We made a huge batch of it this past weekend for Ariel’s parents yearly Christmas party and I would like to share the recipe with you, as it’s a pretty darn good one! Thanks to Rob and Beth Mangum for the recipe.

This recipe makes a huge amount, but if you’re gonna make eggnog, might as well make enough for everybody! It can easily be split in half. 


24 eggs, separated into yolks and whites.

4 cups sugar

4 quarts half and half

1 handle (1.75 L or a half gallon) of Whiskey. We used Bushmills. (It doesn’t have to be whiskey, you can use whatever you want. I think I am going to make my next batch with rum! And I hear brandy or cognac is good too...)

Liberal amounts of nutmeg.


Put the yolks in a very large bowl and the whites in another. Either with a hand whisk or with egg beaters, beat the yolks till they are loose and runny. Have a friend start to slowly add the sugar while you continue to beat. Add all the sugar slowly until you have a thick “batter” of egg yolks and sugar. 

Once all the sugar has been beaten into the yolks, slowly start adding the booze. This is, again, best done with two people. Keep beating the mixture while you slowly add the whole bottle of booze to the yolks.

Meanwhile, have someone beat the egg whites till they are stiff and fluffy.

Once all the booze has been mixed in, add the half and half, this can be done quicker, as the mix is stable at this point. 

When the whites are stiff, and all the half and half has been added, slowly mix the whites into the mix till the eggnog is nice and fluffy. Sprinkle the top with lots of nutmeg and enjoy!