This winter

We are please to introduce our Onion Jam and our Wildflower Honey to the market! We have both of them for sale at our events, in our farm stand and will also have them for sale on the website! 

We lost one of our hives this year, and so we are feeling very appreciative for the Wildflower honey that we recieved this year!

This is a picture of our house in the Winter of 2013, 2 months after we moved in. Looking back at what we've done over the past 3 years, we feel amazed! And we feel very thankful for our strong backs and determined minds! 

Enjoy your holidays! Practice gratitude during this reflective time of year. Remember that we all are lucky to be healthy, to share food at our table and safe space in our community. Watch the full moon, smell the evergreens, take a deep breath in the cool even air,  cook by the fire and make something by hand for a loved one. Remember what its like to be a kid in nature and a kid at the holidays. Smile, giggle, daydream and imagine! 

We wish you all snuggly evenings by the fire, with friends and family and lots of really great food!  

Happy Winter Solstice!

With love and warmth,

The Farmer's Hands

Pedal to Plate, September 18th 2016


Hey y’all!!!


Just a quick post about an awesome event that we and some of our incredibly talented and hard working farmer friends are putting on! It’s called Pedal to Plate, and it’s a biking tour of Madison County that culminates in a super delicious, all local Farm to Table Dinner! There is also an option for people to drive the tour. There will be 6 farm stops on the ride, each will offer a tour and a chance to ask questions and meet the farmers, we then all end up at Root Bottom Farm to share a meal together. Click on the link for more information and to sign up! 

Plough to Pantry Article about The Farmer's Hands

For a Delightful Evening Put yourself in the Farmer's Hands

We are very excited to share the article that just came out in the summer edition of the Plough to Pantry Magazine! Peter Kent, the writer from Plough to Pantry and Sarah Jones Decker, Photographer from Plough to pantry, came out  and experienced our April Farm Dinner! We are thrilled that they enjoyed themselves! 

Read the Article here! 

We are on page 36 and 37! 

A very busy spring!

So we have had a busy busy spring! 

First of all, we got married on May 21st! The past year has been a haze of wedding planning, the business buzzing along and excitement! We had a small ceremony in a friends garden in Weaverville and then a big party at my parents 120 year old boarding house, filled with friends, family, fantastic food and perfect music! Needless to say, it was a dream.

It was truly a fairy tale, but most of all, we got to share our love and celebrate our love and our lives together with all of those we hold dear. We had friends and family travel from Maine, California, Washington DC, New York City, The Netherlands, Australia, Oregon, Florida and more! We felt totally blessed and completely awe-struck at how much love and light we felt on that day!

After several beautiful Farm Dinners, a buzzing, blooming and fruiting garden---we are happy to be back to the "normal" (whatever normal is...) swing of things. Thankful for the rain, and for the beautiful weather we have been having and the BLT's the are soon to come!

Just wanted to give a quick update-- we are happy, healthy, busy, sun burnt, freckled, and grinning from ear to ear!